Sidi Toure is a living library. He knows practically all songs from the Sahel region. I have met Sidi many times and he has always new songs to play. Sidi was born in Gao. Coming from a noble family he had to fight for his right to make music for a living. His older brother used to destroy Sidi’s homemade guitars. Fortunately, Sidi didn’t give up and was later picked up by famous singer Ibrahim Hamma Dicko to play and sing in his band. In 1996 Sidi made an album called Hoga for Stern’s Africa records. It sold in thousands but Sidi wasn’t payed one cent. He struggled for many years and kept on making his music. Now, in somewhat older days, he has recorded three albums with Thrill Jockey Records and is touring a lot.
— MaliHokan