Samba Toure grew up in Dire near Timbuktu and started his career as a singer. At age 25, Samba moved to Bamako where he formed the group Farafina Lolo that released two albums.

Around this time, Samba starts learning the guitar and starts a new band is called Super Lolo. In 1997, Samba is recruited by Ali Farka Toure to play and sing in his band on a world tour.

Back in Mali, Samba continues to write music and forms yet another group, Fondo. They record a couple of albums and in 2009, Samba records his first international album, Songhaï Blues, followed by 3 more albums. Samba is now with Glitterbeat records and his latest album from 2015 is called Gandadiko.

Samba Toure has a fantastic repertoire and it is nothing but a pleasure to hear this man sing and play the blues.
— MaliHokan