My daughter Rita used to program my MP3-player with world-music. One day I suddenly heard this powerful but yet relaxed voice. Then I heard the guitar. It took three seconds and I was in love! This was my first meeting with Ali Farka Toure.

I went to my record dealer "MultiMagnus" and he guided me through the music of Mali and all its different styles. I listened day and night and kept coming back for more. After a while I simply had to start recording these artists myself to have more to listen to. When discussing my recordings with my friend MC Toure, he suggested that I'd start a website for the unknown, younger artists.

So with the help from friends to build and run the site and with the support of more established artists, this is where we are today. Thank you! Thank you Manfred Schweda for letting me use your photographs. And thank you my dear family, Monica, Rita, Vincent and Vidar.

I do this for love. For the music. For the artists. For the people. For Mali. Love will always win.

- MaliHokan

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